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New Study Shows Beneficial Effects of Preschool

Nov 19, 2020 1:36:13 PM / by Rob Teplansky

As a preschool or child care center administrator developing your strategy for  re-opening or expanding limited operations, you have a lot to worry about. That is why this new study is so important. It is a reminder of why you do what you do.

An Important Reminder for Administrators Planning Re-opening

A recent study published in the journal Developmental Psychology compares the progress of kindergarten students who attended preschool to that of their nonattending peers. It sheds light on the benefits of preschool and the persistence of those benefits. The study, Persistence and Convergence: The End of Kindergarten Outcomes of Pre-K Graduates and Their Nonattending Peers, concluded that the advantages of preschool relating to academic and executive function are real and that they do persist through the end of kindergarten, even though the degree of advantage diminishes somewhat as preschool attenders and non-attenders progress through kindergarten.

The study’s results are a needed reminder of the value that professionals in early childhood education and the programs they operate represent in our society. At Smart Lunches, we work directly with the administrators who operate both preschools and child care centers, many of which remain closed or operating at a reduced capacity because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we talk to these committed, caring and passionate professionals, we get first-hand insight into their economic, professional and emotional stresses. Our recent survey report, Child care and Preschool COVID-19 Re-opening Survey Results, illustrates some of these challenges.

If, as a preschool or child care center administrator, you are developing your strategy for re-opening or expanding limited operations, you have a lot to worry about. Given COVID restrictions:

  • How will you run a viable business?
  • How will you convince parents that your center is safe?
  • What additional emotional support will the children need when they return?
  • How will you ensure safe operation during a pandemic?

That is why the study is so important. It is a reminder of why you do what you do, and a reminder that what you do makes a big difference in the lives of the families you serve. And as we publish this post in the days before the Thanksgiving holiday, it is in that spirit of Thanksgiving that we extend our thanks and gratitude for the role that you play in our society and the hard and valuable work that you do. For those of you who partner with Smart Lunches, we appreciate the small role that we can play in supporting your success.

From the team at Smart Lunches, we extend our best wishes for a safe and meaningful Thanksgiving!🦃

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Rob Teplansky

Written by Rob Teplansky