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Smart Lunches Salutes CACFP During CACFP Week

Mar 15, 2021 4:47:01 PM / by Smart Lunches

Participation in the CACFP is a good indicator of high quality child care.

Celebrating CACFP Week

3/15/21 - 3/19/21

We know how critical CACFP is to the success of many of our partner centers. During CACFP week, Smart Lunches wants to acknowledge and thank all of the people who work with CACFP every day to combat hunger and ensure that all children have access to healthy, affordable foods. And because we recognize the importance of CACFP in your effort to provide affordable nutritious meals, we do everything we can to hold costs in line with CACFP reimbursements.

At Smart Lunches, we make sure that all meals that leave our kitchens are prepared to be CACFP compliant and made with nutritious ingredients. By offering a wide array of ethnic foods ranging from Korean BBQ, to Fiesta Chicken, Lentil Curry, Chicken & Gravy and more, expanding the palates of children has never been easier.

To learn more about CACFP and why what they do is so important, check out their CACFP Week Campaign.

If you would like to discuss how Smart Lunches can bring more variety in healthy, nutritious and affordable meals to your center, click here.

Running a quality childcare center takes enormous effort and skill. With the continued success and support of the CACFP, we are able to create a better, healthier world for our kids.

Thank you CACFP!

Enjoy Sesame Street in Communities: "Trying New Foods" - featured with CACFP Week


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