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NUGGETS: Episode 1

Aug 2, 2019 1:37:47 PM / by Rob Teplansky

Smart Lunches is pleased to introduce NUGGETS!

NUGGETS is a new podcast from Smart Lunches, featuring exceptional insights from leaders in early childhood and K-12 education. In our first episode, Smart Lunches CEO, David Morris, interviews Chris Vuk, CEO of Rock & Roll Daycare, which has five locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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“ ...we’ve built an extremely robust system of education in which we’ve seen children do remarkable things in music and in academics, such as being able to read music or play the piano while reading music at the same time at age three or four years old.”

Chris Vuk, CEO, Rock & Roll Daycare

Click the button to view the podcast. You can also download the PDF transcript if you prefer to read the interview.


We hope you enjoy our new podcast!


The Smart Lunches Team

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Rob Teplansky

Written by Rob Teplansky