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NUGGETS Episode 5

Jul 8, 2021 6:44:44 AM / by Rob Teplansky

Get Picky Eaters to Step Outside of Their Comfort Zone: Part 2 of our Interview with Culinary Nutrition Specialist, Elise Lindstrom, MA, RDN

"It's a flavor adventure! They get to try new things, and I really believe it sets them up for being willing to try new things in their life in general."

- Elise Lindstrom, MA, RDN

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Get Picky Eaters to Step Outside Their Comfort Zone

Smart Lunches CEO, David Morris, sat down recently with Elise Lindstrom, MA, RDN, Culinary Nutrition Specialist for the Sodium Reduction in Communities Program at the Marion County Public Health Department in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This 9 minute video is Part 2 of our 3-part discussion and shares insights and tips that will help you open a world of  nutritious foods, new flavors and healthy choices to the children in your preschools and childcare centers.

Smart Lunches is pleased to bring you this compelling and timely series, and we hope you will return for Part 3 of our discussion with Elise Lindstrom. Part 3 of this series will share insights, tips and resources for evaluating your current menus and taking those first important steps on the road to better health and nutrition for the children in your preschools and childcare centers.

We hope you enjoy the podcast!


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Rob Teplansky

Written by Rob Teplansky