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The Story of the Smart Lunches Tote

May 4, 2015 5:14:39 PM / by Smart Lunches

Ever wonder how we keep hot lunches hot and cold lunches cold? The answer is in our super lunch totes! These totes are insulated, durable lunch carriers which were custom-made specifically for Smart Lunches.

Tote Origins

Like every good origin story, our lunch carriers started out normal. The very first Smart Lunches carriers were little more than with average, off-the-shelf insulators, similar to the Styrofoam coolers often seen at tailgate parties.

However, as the company grew, we quickly realized that we needed a different carrier--one that would be environmentally friendly and well-suited for our needs. Although the first carriers were insulated and thermally sound, we needed a custom design to better serve our families.

We Can Rebuild Them…Better...Stronger...

After the realization dawned that we needed to build our own custom totes, we started to consider the unique design hurdles. The most important factor in designing new totes was making sure that the food would stay the proper temperature. Since our first priority is always food safety, the lunches had to be in a thermally-controlled environment.

Our next priority was durability. We need our totes to do is survive the elements, from a sticky D.C. summer to a brutally cold Boston winter. They must be robust enough to sit outside or inside and protect the valuable lunch cargo inside.

We also want them to be practical--simple to manage and transport. And lastly, we need the totes to assist the liaisons at our partner locations to easily identify and distribute lunches.

The Finished Product

  • With these guiding factors in mind, we met with packaging experts who helped us create a tote perfect for Smart Lunches! We now have a finished product today with all these features:
  • An outside lined with durable vinyl to resist damage and all types of weather
  • A hot/cold indicator on top for easy visual recognition
  • Thick foam lining to maintain temperature control
  • An vinyl surface on the inside to maximize sanitation and easy cleanup
  • A side pouch with an itemized list of lunches inside, so the bag never has to be opened before the lunches are distributed. This keeps the lunches from changing temperature
  • Three sizes of totes that stack inside each other to simplify transport

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