Smart Lunches is Making a Few Menu Changes

You might have already noticed, but we’ve made a few changes to our winter menu. We work hard on revising our menu, so that you can always choose a meal that your child will love. And good news! Our new winter menu is 100% based on feedback from you and your lunchers.

A More Kid-Friendly Menu

We want all of our lunchers to enjoy choosing their meal every day! It’s important to us that we offer healthy and nourishing lunches that kids actually want to eat. After all, the most unhealthy meal is the one that doesn’t get eaten.

Over the past few months, we’ve reviewed all of our customer and kid feedback to our customer support team. Then we analyzed patterns in what lunchers are ordering.

The result? Kids prefer kid-friendly meals!

It might seem obvious, but to us it was a breakthrough! So, we’ve simplified our January menu to focus on popular and kid friendly lunches. Healthier versions of kid favorites like pizza dippers, mac and cheese, and ravioli have always been on our menu, but now we’re making them available more often.

Kid-Tested Lunches

We know that kids love to eat lunches like mac and cheese and chicken fingers. But there are lots of different recipes out there for these classic dishes. Should the mac and cheese be white or orange? Should the pasta be shells or macaroni? Every kid has their own opinion on "the right" mac and cheese.

That’s why we test items like this with dozens of kids and parents in each of our cities. Through surveying our families, holding luncher focus groups at schools, and gathering feedback from customers, we are able to determine which recipes kids love. We’ve already implemented some of these recipes, including new versions of Chicken Noodle Soup (Chef Andrew’s own recipe), and Mac and Cheese, Arancini and our brand new Chicken Pot Pie.

We hope your family is as excited for these changes as we are. Let us know what you think about the new menu by contacting our customer support team at or by giving us a ring at 1-888-25 SMART.