Sturgis Charter Public School Ranked #1 High School in MA

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We are partnered with some amazing schools. We know these schools are SMART because they use Smart Lunches, but did you know that Sturgis Charter Public School was recently ranked the number ONE public high school in Massachusetts?! If that wasn't great enough, Sturgis is also ranked as the number 8 charter school in the U.S. and the 31st best public high school in the Nation!

Located in Hyannis, MA, Sturgis Charter Public School is home to 413 hard working students and 38 inspiring teachers. The school's dedication to academics has produced some seriously note-worthy test scores. Sturgis scored a 100% in Proficiency in English, a 99% in Proficiency in Math, and earned a score of 93.6 in the College Readiness Index!

For more information about Sturgis Charter Public School visit their website at:

CONGRATULATIONS Sturgis! Keep up the hard work and good luck with exams this week!!