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Get your Kids to (want to) Drink Water

Jul 12, 2012 3:55:17 PM / by lgreen7

As the summer whizzes past our sunburnt ears, we must all face the fact that this summer is moving quickly. And we're sure your kids are too. But what’s really important, whether your kids are off at the beach or camp or summer school, is that they stay hydrated! We know not every kid would prefer to drink a glass of water than slurp a slushie or a soda, but here are some ways to make water fun and easy!

Use a water pitcher at family meals







Not only does having a pitcher of ice water on the dining room table make it easy to refill your glass, but it also remind kids that Mom and Dad drink water too! If you want to add some flare, slice some cucumbers or oranges and drop them in to add a little flavor.

Silly Sipping









These fun mustache straws will make your kids want to stay hydrated. Whether for a special occasion or for a sunny summer afternoon, little extras like this will help make water seem a little less boring. You can purchase these online, or turn it into a fun DIY craft for you and your kids to do together.

Set up a dinner drinks rule

If you’re having trouble getting your kids to want to drink water on their own, enforcing a “glass of water before” rule might help. Encourage your kids to drink a glass of water at dinner before moving onto a 100% fruit juice or a low-fat milk. If that’s too easy, try two!

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Written by lgreen7